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Best pet destinations

Going on a vacation with your pet, or perhaps just looking to move to a more pet-friendly place, you may benefit from knowing what places treat pets as part of the family. To promote safe & simple family travel we have collected an assortment of destinations that are renowned for their pet-friendliness.

USA, Colorado – Recently, Forbes ranked Colorado Springs as the most pet friendly city in the USA. The city has more than 10,000 acres of public park space, or almost a tenth of an acre for every pet. It also features seven dog parks and 113 veterinarians.

In addition, Hotel Aspen, in Aspen, Colorado, was named over and over as one of the most pet-friendly hotels. Some rooms have porches for canine romping, and there’s a hiking trail nearby for pets and their owners.

United Kingdom, the Lake District – MSN recently published its Best dog-friendly destinations in Britain. Lake Windermere and the Lake District were ranked first with their pet friendly hotels and pubs. The smooth expanses of water and rolling hills will probably appeal more to you than to your dog! On the other hand, there are virtually endless riverbanks for your furry friend to run along, barking.

After a long day of hiking, grab a pint with your pooch at The Watermill Inn in North Windermere.

USA, San Francisco, California – Topping the Animal Planet list of most dog-friendly locations San Francisco is not only one of America’s best-loved tourist destinations it’s also a great getaway destination for dogs and their human companions. “The City by the Bay” has some of the best urban dog playgrounds in the United States, including Golden Gate Park, with its more than 1,000 acres of green space and four off-leash dog areas. There are even several off-leash beaches in San Francisco, including Baker Beach, Ocean Beach and Fort Funston.

There are also a variety of pet-friendly attractions for visitors to San Francisco, including the Embarcadero, Coit Tower and Fisherman’s Wharf. And if that doesn’t have you planning a San Francisco getaway with your pet, consider that all of these sites are accessible by cable car, which allows dogs of all sizes.

There is no shortage of pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco, such as the Palomar, the Holiday Inn Civic Center and the Four Seasons. You’ll also find countless options for outdoor doggie dining, including Ristorante Mona Lisa on Columbus Avenue in North Beach. Considering all the great things you can do with your pet in San Francisco, it’s no wonder that it tops our list as the most dog-friendly destination in the United States.”

Before you buy a flight kennel

The flight kennel is your pet’s home-away-from-home. A suitable kennel is not only an issue of comfort, but health and safety as well. When buying a kennel it’s important to find the right kennel for your pet– this is his “seat” for the duration of the flight and he should be comfortable in it.
Over-sized kennels can be dangerous for smaller dogs or cats. Dogs may also be injured if they are crowded into a kennel that’s too small.
Aside from your pet’s safety and comfort, you must also take into account airline regulations regarding kennel sizes.

After buying your kennel it’s time to accustom your pet to it, so he will be more relaxed during flight.
Call us to find out what kennel is best for your pet travel needs.

Pets On the Airplane

Flying in first-class or coach, most of us know what to expect from our voyage in the skies. But what about our dogs and cats? What should they expect? In general, there are three accepted forms of air travel for pets. While our choice of flights is influenced mostly by our budget and preferences, pet options have more to do with breed, size, human companion, airline regulations and timing.
1 – In-Cabin, Just like us
For those pets that just can’t part bear to be partedfrom their owners (or the other way round!), the in-cabin flight is likely to fit the bill. Unfortunately as pets do not have a seat of their own in any international airline, this method of flight is restricted to small dogs or cats that can fit underneath their human companion’s seat. Not all airlines and countries allow pets to fly in-cabin, and it is also important to note that it is not always in the pet’s best interest.

Another thing worth thinking about is the pet’s temperament. We have all seen (and heard) those incidents when an embarrassed mother helplessly tries to quiet her wailing child on the bus or on the plane. Dogs that howl and bark at home are likely to do the same on the plane.

2 – CheckedBaggage – Meet you at the checkout
Is it safe? Let’s put the cards on the table. No one likes to think of his pet as baggage. After all, this is not our pajamas and suits we are sending to the baggage hold, but rather our four-legged best friend. Psychology aside, checked baggage is probably the best flight option for you and your pets from every perspective; cost, comfort and safety.

Pets flying as checked baggage are put in a special section, temperature-controlled and pressurized, within the baggage hold . At their destination, they are picked up separately from all the suitcases, and are then reunited with their owners.

3 – Cargo Flight – You go your way, I’ll go mine
If you need your pet to fly separately, cargo is the way to go. Although not a particularly cheap option, cargo allows you to fly your pet to any destination without getting on a flight yourself. Some countries and airlines allow pets to fly only as cargo. However, if you fly your pet as cargo, you will need someone at the destination airport to clear him through Customs and meet him.

Now that you know the three methods of flying, the choice is yours. Take everything into account: country and airline regulations, weather conditions, your pet’s breed and size, the timetable, the cost, your comfort, health, safety and veterinary considerations… or you could just contact a flight management to help you choose the best flight option for you. Now, only one question remains: Do you want to fly first class or coach?