How to ship a dog

How to ship a dog

How to ship a dog with Animal Airways

Relocating or traveling internationally? Don’t know how to ship a dog?

That’s OK, that’s what we’re here for!

The leading pet flight & relocation provider is at your service

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Easy AirWays‘ professional flight managers handle all pet flight & relocation matters including:

  • Pre flight veterinarian consultation and guidance.
  • Cargo services with the most pet-friendly operators in the field of aviation.
  • Mandatory forms and regulations required as per countries (departure and final destination point).
  • Overnight pet boarding services.
  • Ticketing for people and pets collaborating with all the leading airlines.
  • Families & pets shuttle to and from every international airport worldwide.
  • Health certificates and travel documents (microchip, pet passport etc.).
  • Airline approved kennels according to international standards.
  • Pet flight courier: innovated in order to assist people who are unable to fly with their pets – we provide attendants to accompany your pet throughout the flight.


How to ship a dog? Its easy, contact Animal Airways’ experts and we will assist you by shipping your dog to and from every international airport worldwide